Prezi: SNL Metals Economics Group

Prezi: SNL Metals Economics Group

Looping conference and online presentation promoting and providing a high-level overview of the SNL Metals Economics Group offerings.

Art Direction | Environmental Design | Creative Strategy

The Metals Economics Group wanted a looping animation to display at a prominent trade show in China. The goal was to give a concise overview of the product offerings that that would stand out from the rest of the presentations.

Rather than using a standard looping Powerpoint or video, we chose Prezi as a way of creating a dynamic animated piece so that the animation was hosted for online viewing (for future marketings related to the event) as well. I chose illustration and product screen shots to animate the forward-thinking and and unique nature of the product being offered. The designs were also tailored to the market they were being used in.

The combination of unique graphics and the new marketing channel attracted many prospects (prospective clients) to the booth and resulted in new business partners. The Prezi strategy was used for future conferences as a result.