Modular HTML Email Templates

Modular HTML Email Templates

Editable, responsive email templates designed and coded for use in Marketo.

Art Direction | Design | HTML Coding and Development | Template Design

Email is used as a marketing channel due to its low cost and timeliness, but producing powerful design pieces of any kind still takes time and can strain even the most experienced of Creative Departments. In addition, every interaction with clients, even HTML emails was an opportunity to reinforce the brand through adherence to design principles and brand standards.

To alleviate the pressure to release pieces quickly, we needed a template system wherein marketers would create marketing emails with limited Creative Department assistance. My first step was to complete an audit of all existing marketing emails. This audit and conversations with stakeholders allowed me to compile a list of design “features” and a trend of design layouts.

With this information and using Marketo’s “Email 2.0”, I was able break the emails into “modules” that could be duplicated, added and deleted. For these modules, I used HTML email design best practices and applied S&P’s brand standards. I set standard sizes for “hero” image modules, offered two column and one column layouts and standardized text treatments, buttons and other design elements. This offered a variety of layout options and features, but retained a rigid framework to ensure the emails rendered properly across different applications and maintained brand consistency.

After significant development and testing, I was able to provide the Marketing Team with an email template system that met all of their needs and only required minimal Creative Department input and resources.