Lip Balm Product Design

Lip Balm Product Design

Package design for Hive Lip Balm tubes and display boxes.

Product Design | Brand Management

Morgan & McHale Co. is a New York based company which donates all of its profits to water-related environmental charities. They approached me about formalizing their design standards and creating labels for their flagship product, Hive Lip Balm.

To standardize the brand, I created vector files of the logo and a hive background pattern to use on all products and marketing.

The lip balm tubes presented a particular challenge both in communicating the various “flavors” and in including all of the necessary company and regulatory text because of the minimal amount of label real estate on the lip balm tubes. To develop a solution, I used the typographic treatments present in the logo to set the type on the label, created a horizontal version of the logo and worked in the hive background. With this layout in place, I worked on a bold color palette that would communicate the various flavors of lip balm (red for raspberry, brown for coconut, etc.) while reflecting the dynamism of the surf culture.

The design treatment for the lip balm tubes was then applied to all company collateral and packaging.