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Landing Page Templates

Responsive, landing page templates built for use in Marketo.

The Marketing Department utilized a great deal of email marketing. To create a cohesive user experience from email to a destination landing page, I expanded on the email templates and created a series of landing page templates. For this effort, I used Marketo’s “Guided Landing Page” functionality and Bootstrap to create templates that were both easy to use for the Marketers and responsive to device screen size. After development and testing, the landing pages were ready for Marketing to create landing pages for their email and digital campaigns.

For this particular template, the Marketers required a more “mini-site” feel with plenty of room for content. I designed the template by breaking the page up into regions both for clearer division of the page and so areas could be displayed or hidden in the Marketo editor. The color scheme, header and footer styles and other design elements mimicked the company website and HTML email templates to provide consistent user experience. I added editable tabs that allowed for specific information to be on the page without taking up too much screen real estate. The result was a versatile template that was used for a variety of landing pages.