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HTML Email Design

Design and develop engaging HTML emails.

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SNL frequently used email as a marketing channel for clients and prospects. While emails to existing clients focused on promoting new features and optimal usage of the product, emails to prospect clients were designed to attract viewers. Prospective client engagement could be measured by number of clicks from the email through to a landing page or other site where the new client’s information could be gathered. Both email types presented similar design and development issues: to create a design that invited user engagement and to ensure consistency of design across email applications and platforms.

In this example, I used the dark and light blues of the SNL color palette with an excavator bucket to drive home the “get a grip” tagline and the mining data set being promoted. The duotone image was simple but attention-grabbing. As well as being in line with SNL’s branding, it was intentionally vintage in feel and theme. The prominent button made it easy for the viewer to seek additional information.

The email designs I provided saw approximately an 8% click through rate—double the industry standard of 4%—for business-to-business email communications. This allowed for greater prospect conversion (purchase of product by new businesses) and higher product usage (satisfied, happier clients).