Global Multichannel Infographic

Global Multichannel Infographic

Promotional infographic/data visualization piece that highlights SNL Kagan’s coverage of the European telecom and multichannel market.

Art Direction | Creative Strategy | Data Visualization

To capitalize on the wealth of data available in their product, SNL Kagan (the media & communications group) wanted to create an infographic mailer to promote their European telecom coverage. At the time, information was provided on a large map, presenting little ability for the date to be compared and visualized.

After communicating with the marketing manager, project manager and other stakeholders, I determined the best solution was to create a table structure with rows and columns that would allow the viewer to easily compare the various metrics from country-to-country. Colors were used consistently across the piece to display the data clearly and to aid in the information comparison.

In order to make the large poster infographic into a mailer, I arranged the piece to fold down into a brochure size (8.5” by 11” and A4). This allowed for a cover, interior pages (devoted to other data visualization figures) and back cover for contact information. The final brochure/poster was sent out as a mailer to select prospects and distributed at conferences. The format was so successful at attracting leads, it was utilized year after year.