Cord-cutter Whitepaper

Cord-cutter Whitepaper

A format to share timely news coverage.

Art Direction | Template Design

To promote SNL’s news coverage and analysis and to establish SNL as a “thought leader” in the market required positioning the company as a leader in its field through best-in-class content. In order to establish itself as a “thought leader” for news and analytics, this necessitated casting a wide net when publishing. Also, news information needed to be distributed quickly before information grew cold or stale.

Thought leadership in marketing was achieved by publishing articles, research, or other original content nearly constantly. Potential clients and other industry members then associated the brand with insight and authority. As a result, people looked to and purchased the SNL product when making financial decisions.

When choosing a design direction for these templates, I collected expectations from marketers and project managers and discussed with them how the piece(s) could be used as a marketing tool. I cross referenced similar requests from other groups and created templates that allowed for the news story and analysis to be assembled in an on-brand and marketable format that allowed for a very quick turn around from conception to publishing. We then promoted the white papers through email and web ad channels, reaching a wide audience, and printed copies on relevant topics for distribution at conferences.

For this specific piece, I created a stark cover image in Photoshop of a cord literally being cut, conveying the disruptive nature of new technology. For the interior pages, I arranged the copy in a two-column layout, giving the piece a newspaper print quality.