Conference Theme and Templates

Conference Theme and Templates

An on-brand method to distinguish and promote events produced by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Art Direction | Template Design | Design Strategy

The Market Intelligence Division produced a wide range of events for professionals and executives, including but not limited to conferences, seminars, and webinars. To distinguish themselves in a competitive market, the Events Team needed each event to be “branded” and, in addition, I needed to create a process or system that coped with the often tight turnaround times.

My team balanced the Event Team’s desire for loud, eye-catching graphics with the Creative Department’s need to honor the clean, structured brand standards. For the first series of events my solution was the creation of an overarching “theme” or a tagline for each event pulled or synthesized from the information provided by the Market Intelligence Division. This tagline was paired with bright, colorful imagery that adhered to the brand standards and illustrated the chosen theme.

For the Power & Gas Symposium, the theme I created and which was accepted by Market Intelligence was “Opportunities & Obstacles.” I selected an imposing photograph of a mountain and added a flag on top to illustrate the theme, conveying the existence of possibilities even when presented with what seems like an insurmountable obstacle.

In order to accommodate the tight turnarounds, I created a suite of templates that addressed all of the assets needed for the conference. This included templates for a brochure, postcard, email marketing, social media images, app header, site signage, etc. For each template, the color image and tagline were given visual priority to reinforce the event’s theme. This process of selecting a colorful, symbolic photograph that illustrated a unique tagline/theme in conjunction with the suite of templates was rolled out as a procedure for future events.